• Vienna Center for VLBI

    The Vienna Center for VLBI is a joint effort by TU Wien and Austria's Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (BEV).

  • Geodetic Very Long Baseline Interferometry

    Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) is a microwave-based technique that evolved from radio astronomy in the early 1970s. Nowadays, VLBI is a major space-geodetic technique, indispensable for geodesy.

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  • Unique Geodetic Products

    VLBI delivers unique geodetic products that play indispensable roles for science and society.

  • Where are we?

    VLBI uniquely contributes to the most precise and stable reference frames, which are fundamental for numerous applications - from navigation to global change monitoring.

  • Precise timing!

    VLBI is the only operational technique to determine the Universal Time UT1 that reflects the Earth's rotation behavior. Precisely knowing this parameter is essentiual for navigation systems, such as ESA's Galileo.

  • Extragalactic benchmarks

    Bright radio sources located at the edge of the universe - billions of light-years from Earth - serve as ultra-stable benchmarks that are observed by VLBI.


Scheduling: generating highly sophisticated VLBI observation schedules

Our new scheduling software VieSched++ smoothly connects observation planning with simulations to generate the best schedules for your specific purposes.

Scheduling Center

Correlation: Processing raw data records to derive delay observables

The VSC has the capacities to process vast amounts of raw observation data. The derived quantities are the basis for geodetic parameter estimation.

Correlation Center

Analysis: Estimation of geodetic products

Using our in-house software suite VieVS for the analysis of VLBI sessions gives us great flexibility at estimating high quality geodetic parameters.

Analysis Center

Latest News

Vienna VLBI Group at REFAG 2022

Vienna VLBI Group at REFAG 2022

In the week of 17 to 20 October 2022, the IAG International Symposium on Reference Frames for Applications in Geosciences…

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Paper on the evaluation of satellite observations with VLBI published

Paper on the evaluation of satellite observations with VLBI published

The installation of a VLBI transmitter on Galileo satellites would allow observing satellites besides quasars with VLBI telescopes. Three additional…

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Paper on Southern Intensives for UT1 determination published

Paper on Southern Intensives for UT1 determination published

The need for stimulating global geodetic measurements with southern observatories served as a powerful motivation to launch the Southern Intensive…

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