Vienna EOP

Vienna EOP are calculated and published whenever new VLBI R1 and R4 sessions are available, which is twice a week. The following plots depict the EOP values calculated by the Vienna Analysis center. Their values can be downloaded from the table.

DateType of solutionLink to solution
Updated daily24hvie_current.eoxy
Updated dailyIntensivevie_current.eopi

Vienna CRF

The ICRF3 was published in 2018 and was computed from more than 6000 geodetic VLBI sessions. The officially published catalog was estimated by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center using the software Calc/Solve. However, many research groups participated in the creation of ICRF3 by among other things submitting catalogs calculated with different software packages. The Vienna solution was calculated with the VieVS software.

DateLink to solution
2019-08-21Vienna CRF solution vie180906

Vienna TRF

The preparations for the next generation TRF, the ITRF2020, are already ongoing. The Vienna Analysis Center will participate with a Vienna TRF solution. We will publish this solution and other TRF solutions here soon.

VIeVS TRF solution

DateLink to solution