Correlation Center


VLBI uses globally distributed radio telescopes to measure and accurately time tag the signals of extragalactic radio sources. The recorded signals are transferred to a central processing unit to determine the fundamental observable for geodetic VLBI, the difference in signal arrival times (delays). Since the delays are determined by the cross-correlation of the globally recorded signals, the central processing unit is commonly referred to as the correlator.

Based on a cooperation agreement from August 2022, TU Wien and the Federal Agency of Metrology and Surveying in Austria (BEV) are jointly running the Vienna Correlation Center. The correlation is carried out at the Vienna Scientific Cluster and the observational data are transferred via internet lines only.

Operationally, we are concentrating on the correlation of VGOS sessions. Additionally, we are involved in various research activities.

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More details about our computing infrastructure and correlation tasks are provided in our bi-annual report to the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry. They are collected in this directory.

Members of the correlation team can be contacted with .