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Axel Nothnagel


TU Wien - Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation



This is an open tutorial document for educational purposes, e.g., for newcomers to geodetic and astrometric VLBI but also for the specialists wanting to expand their knowledge about topics, which are not in their main focus. The text is supposed to be a living document with changes and additions to be made at reasonable intervals. Everybody in the community is invited to contribute to the document either in the form of hints for additions, corrections and clarifications or with more detailed descriptions of topics. Please get in contact with me if you like to add anything.

The current document is a thorough expansion of an earlier publication
Nothnagel A (2019) Very Long Baseline Interferometry. In: Freeden W., Rummel R. (eds) Handbuch
der Geodäsie, 1-58, Springer Reference Naturwissenschaften Book Series. Springer Spektrum,
Berlin, Heidelberg DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-46900-2 110-1

If you need anything citeable beyond the Web document, please use this reference.