VieVS YouTube tutorials online

VieVS YouTube tutorials online

Finally, we found some time to record new videos for our VieVS YouTube channel.
In these videos, all aspects of the VieVS VLBI module are discussed and examples are shown.

This covers all major features of the VieVS VLBI software, including:

  • session analysis (fixing clock breaks, removing stations, eliminating outliers…)
    • 24-hour sessions
    • intensive sessions
  • investigating the results
    • calculate and show baseline length repeatability
    • display and output estimated parameters
    • output SINEX files
    • output EOP files
    • access MatLab structures…
  • efficient VieVS processing
    • parameter files
    • process lists
  • accelerate processing
  • calculate global solution
  • simulations
  • and more

Therefore, our VieVS VLBI videos are a good starting point if you want to learn how to use VieVS or if you want to learn VLBI analysis in general.

Link to the VieVS VLBI playlist

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