VieVS days – day 1

VieVS days – day 1

The first day of your “VieVS days” is almost over.
A big thanks for our international participants from China, Germany, and Spain as well as to our students which took part. Also a big thanks to today’s lecturers Sigrid Böhm, Helene Wolf, and Johannes Böhm.
We had some really interesting exercises and fruitful discussions during the coffee breaks.

The main focus today was on analyzing Geodetic VLBI sessions using our in-house software VieVS.

Above, you can see Sigrid Böhm during the opening talk.
Below, you can see Helene Wolf who is pointing to a nasty outlier while teaching us how to use VieVS for a single session analysis.

Later on, we learned about analyzing VLBI Intensive sessions by Johannes Böhm and about multi-session processing and global solutions by Sigrid Böhm.

The exercise sheets and presentation slides will be uploaded soon to our VieVS-Wiki.

Tomorrow, we will continue with scheduling and simulations by Matthias Schartner using VieSched++ and VieVS.

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